Reggie handled my bail bond situation efficiently, effectively and in a courteous manner. I would recommend then to anyone.


Renard explained the bail process thoroughly and answered all my bail bond questions. He was patient and incredibly understanding. He did not judge me or criticized me, he treated me like a human being. He understood the stress I was going through and helped me get through it. Thank you.


I was full-time student attending college with no money and no job when I got into a little trouble and ended up in jail. I wound up in a situation that was to say the least, unpleasant. J&J Bail Bonds listened to me and understood how hard I was working to better my life. They sent someone out to see me right away and worked with me when nobody else would. I was out in no time. They turned a seemingly hopeless situation into a something I was able to clear up with very little hassle. Without  J&J Bail Bonds, I could have spent weeks in an jail trying to clear up this mess. Instead, I was out in a few hours.


Roland handled my situation carefully and quickly. He did not tell lies to gain my business or say things that were not true. He was honest. He acted like a professional, a man well beyond his years. He knew how to deal with me in the condition I was in. I would refer Mike to my friends if they needed his services.


Mike is an excellent bail bond agent. He came to our home and went through the paper work process step by step. He patiently explained how bail works and the bail bond process. Also he went to the jail with us and waited the waited with us. He is very trustworthy and responsible agent. I will refer him to people I know if they ever get into trouble.